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Menjelajahi Gunung Singgalang Sumatera Barat dan Route Pendakian

Mount Singgalang can be taken from several points. However, the famous path is through the village and Clever New Koto Sikek. From the village of New Koto we will take the route to the village of Sikek Cleaver. From this village a starting point towards Tower (RCTI and TVRI transmitter located in the mountain belt Singgalang). Towards this transmitter Tower we will pass the uphill paved road, the closer to the tower of his road is not good and full of pebbles and on the left and right side of his farm population there. Brush Smart Village is also famous for its sugar and place it saka (brown sugar).

Having arrived at the Tower transmitters we can make this area as a resting place (shelter) before continuing the journey to the summit. From the tower, we are going through the woods pimpiang about 1 hour. These forests consist of tall plants pimpiang and ducked, so requires climbers to walk down, and even to sit and crawl. But now, through the woods easier, because the top of the plants had been cut so we do not have to duck again passed.

After passing pimpiang we will find a place called "Eye Water I", in this place downward we will find that the river to get water supplies.

From the spring I'll take the route we are climbing up the rock, with an average slope of about 45 degrees. Getting to the top we will find many beautiful trees and ferns through the tracks a slightly moist and dense forests. On the left or right track we find the electric poles and wires that can be used as a guide to get to the top. But for some people, this is very disturbing. The beauty in the broken forest with views of the electric poles on both sides, not to mention the fad will calculate approximately how pole again until you reach the top, ehehehe ... ..

Travel route before the rock normally takes around 5 hours depending on fast or the slow movement of our journey. From the rock to the summit takes about 1 hour. Rock consists of yellow solid rocks, overgrown beard and Rhododendron trees mountains, and occasionally we would see interest edelweis although very rare and require a keen eye to find it.

From this rock, we can see the view out toward the mountains Marapi located right in front. If lucky, we could see the town of Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, and the lake from the rock Festival. However, during the day, the mountain is often shrouded in mist Singgalang. If you want to get a better view of the exotic setting up camp in the rock and watch the sunrise and other exotic sights in the morning.

After passing the rock, we will re-enter the forest area is more humid and the trees are covered in thick moss. Not long after that we got to the Lake Goddess. Pond Goddess is often shrouded in mist. If you are fond of photography, when the lake was clear, the sooner the better to get a picture, because the fog was very friendly to play there.

Around the lake this Goddess does not take a long time, but the charm of a truly exotic experience and will make us comfortable to linger in the humid forest and wet. Around this lake we see the forest very thick moss and some plants IN PLANTS.

Camp area located around the pond and lake water that can be used to make comfortable the need for several days in Singgalang. The atmosphere is cool and quiet is a special thrill for people who want to take off fatigue in the wild.

Many who arrived at the Singgalang only until the lake goddess alone. But there's more Singgalang peak at around half to 1 hour menunju peak. At its peak, we will find the transmitter tower is the estuary of the electric poles found along the road.

Tinggi : 2877 mdpl.
• Letak : Kab. Agam, Sumatra Barat
• Karakteristik : Gunung api tidak aktif, ditutupi hutan hujan tropis, trek pendakian terjal dan terdapat 2 buah telaga di daerah puncak.

• Jalur Pendakian :

* Koto Baru (Pandai Sikek)
Titik Start : Stasiun Pemancar RCTI Pandai Sikek. Lama pendakian normal 6 jam

* Balingka
Titik Start : desa Panambatan, Balingka. Lama pendakian normal 8 jam.

* Toboh (Kenagarian Malalak)
Titik Star : Jorong Toboh Kenagarian Malalak. Lama pendakian 12 jam.

Travel up from the Padang / Bukittinggi bus alight at koto Baru with bus Rp. 15.000, - and travel Rp. 20.000, -. Of Koto baru Just walk or ride to the village of rural transport Pandai Sikek to continue the journey toward the next tower.

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 @19:52

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